The usage of spa tubs will keep your beauty in check

The positive effect of spa procedures on the body has long been known. The body begins its development in the aquatic environment, which is very favorable to it.

Spa use regenerates us

Scientists have proven that the more a baby is bathed in water a little warmer than room temperature, the faster it develops. In water, the skin attracts free electrons, which are much more in the water than in the air. Swimming is also very useful when retaining air in the lungs and a large amount of carbon dioxide is retained in the body, thus stimulating biosynthesis. While in the water, you enjoy a natural massage of the skin and muscles, the sweat glands are cleaned, the skin's breathing is activated. In water, body weight decreases, movements are light and free, blood circulation improves, enough oxygen enters the brain. In water, pores are open, beneficial substances enter the body more quickly, so the beneficial effect is both external and internal.

The role of the spa

Injuries, developmental abnormalities, developmental pathologies can be treated in water. Thanks to the adoption of spa tubs with its therapeutic baths, you can avoid problems with the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system. In the water, we often hold our breath. Any immersion in water occurs when you hold your breath. At this stage, the blood increases the content of endorphin - the so-called joy hormone. In the blood, carbon dioxide levels increase, brain vessels dilate, and brain nutrition improves. As a result, nerve cells are saturated with oxygen, the brain restores damaged structures. Hydromassage procedures stimulate the biologically active points that affect the skin's nervous system. The body needs moisture. Baths with oils and herbs are particularly useful.

To cleanse the body, it is necessary to clean and enlarge the pipes, blood and lymph, as well as the pores of the skin, immerse our body in the spa and admire the work of hot water.

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